New approach

Since training is a continuous process of increasing skills, knowledge, and attitudes and one of the most frequently used approaches, SyrProNet Hungary Team launched their first project with a view to bring your vision into reality and to be a leading choice of Human Resources Development.

SyrProNet Academy is an institution of distinguished professionals and instructors that aims to provide executive education and training by following unique functional methods based on case studies and discussions, interaction with industry leaders, team projects, and hands-on training.

SyrProNet Academy will offer recognised certificates authorised and signed by the Syrian Professional Network entity.

Meet the Team

Syrian Professional Network is officially announcing The Academy Team

Huda Salman

Ambassador Hungary

Kinan Kaddour

Senior Advisor

Zina Bankasli

Academy Marketing Manager

Ammar Reslan

Advisor - Training Coordinator

Bahaa Alhaffar

Advisor - Research &Development

Osama Abou Hajar

Ambassador Ireland


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