Our Vision

We envision a network of empowered professionals who are backed by multidisciplinary specialities and services all around the globe.

Our Mission

We invest in human capital by connecting Syrian professionals together. Our work pivots around building genuine networks, exchanging services and providing opportunities that promote personal and professional development of members and partner organisations. We emphasise on keeping people in the center of everything we do.

Our Approach

On our journey in connecting Syrian professionals based in different parts of the world, we strive to create opportunities that expand the impact of SYPRONET on a global professional scale.
Connecting experts is our goal, Networking is our culture, professionalism is our tool. We believe in internal resources for sustainable and consistent durability


Internships & Trainings

Post-graduation, internships are vital for students/fresh graduates to stand out amongst the crowd and kick-start a career. As a network of 200+ professionals, SYRPRONET recognizes the exceptional potential of the youth and their role in building tomorrow. In support, SYRPRONET provides opportunities, whether internships or training, certified by universities. To learn more about our opportunities and vacancies at SYRPRONET, click here.

Business Networking

As firm believers in the role of Networking in doing business, SYRPRONET mediates connections between business leaders and experts around the world, helping them make better decisions based on expertise provided by their advisors in the country or region of preference. To illustrate, a business leader based in Japan, interested in expanding to the Middle East, is connected with an expert present in the region.


With a portfolio of 200+ professionals within the network, SYRPRONET's expertise spans various fields like engineering, real estate, management, marketing, media, entrepreneurship investments, and trade.


Strategic Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Marketing Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Medical Consultancy

"Leadership Is Integrity, Keeping Words And Facing Conflicts"

We're firm believers in the power of Networking and its potential, be it in terms of expertise, research, entrepreneurship, career development or personal development.