About Us

Who we are

The Syrian Professional Network (SYRPRONET) is a network connecting Syrian professionals around the world, forming a community of proficient individuals in their respective fields, whether in Healthcare, Engineering, Technology, Life Sciences, Architecture, Interior Design, Real Estate, Consulting, Marketing, and Human Resources.
Together today, we are over 200 Syrian professionals in 25+ countries and counting, building a community of support to fulfill SYRPRONET's vision of a future where opportunities are accessible to all.

We're independent

SYRPRONET is a registered non-profit network in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. All operations within the network's scope of activities are financially autonomous, meaning no external funding is received to support the network. Activities and projects (internal or external) are executed by the network’s professionals. This includes but is not limited to: the SYRPRONET app and SYRPRONET Academy, both developed and engineered by in-house experts.

What can we offer

To further support our mission in creating opportunities, SYRPRONET provides business advisory and support services to professionals in their career search, management consultancy, marketing consultancy. The scope of such services also extends to entrepreneurs or aspiring ones with innovative ideas willing to kick-start their own start-ups.

Vision & Mission

The driving force behind such a foundation is the will to create a space where professionals can grow and share their expertise with fellow professionals through Networking, which we believe is the secret key to success. In addition, SYRPRONET strives to build a community that promotes impactful partnerships and collaborations, contributing to its further expansion and success along with professionals living in Europe and beyond. Hence, proving the professional potential of Syrian individuals on a global scale and highlighting their contribution and achievements within their professional environs.


We believe that everyone has the potential to innovate and grow professionally when given the right opportunity. Connecting experts is our goal, Networking is our culture, professionalism is our tool.







We Strive to Provide Optimum Quality in Consultations